Sunday, May 20, 2007

BPM Series: Your BPM Implementation is Bound to Fail

"Your BPM Implementation is Bound to Fail" is not what a BPM project manager would like to be told about his or her BPM project. A colleague of mine recently brought my attention to an article published under the same title by Dr Raj Ramesh, founder of Top Sigma - a consulting outfit. I am sure Dr Ramesh' objective when he wrote this piece was not to scare project managers & enterprises and discourage them from undertaking BPM initiatives. Rather through the article, Dr Ramesh discusses some of causes of BPM project failures.

The article makes an interesting reading. Dr Ramesh discusses 6 major areas of failure - Communication, Architecture, Executive Support, Business - IT misalignment, Integration and Testing. Certainly the article reminded me of our BPM project. During the implementation of which we faced similar challenges. I am sure if you have undergone a BPM project, you will be able to easily relate to the article, and in case you are about to undertake a BPM project, the article would provide you an easy checklist or CSFs to manage. The article can be read at the following url: