Sunday, January 13, 2008

BPM Series: Analyst Reports - Do they matter?

Global360, one of the leading providers of BPM System has made available BPM systems reports from two of the biggest IT Research and Advisory firms - Gartner and Forrester. They can be downloaded from here:
- Gartner BPM Systems Magic Quandrant 2007
- Forrester Human Centric BPM for Microsoft Platform

My suggestion. Read these reports, but make decisions based on your criteria. In case of software such as BPM Systems, quality of implementation does not only depend on the software but also on the implementation / consulting partner. BPM systems, unlike packaged applications only provide tools and infrastructure, using which process automation applications are built and run. Significant efforts are required to carry-out business requirement analysis and system development & integration. So, even if you may have chosen the best BPM system, your implementation may fail if you do not choose a competent partner in implementing the system.

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